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Sensible Pricing

Easy to use management tools, economies of scale and smart technology all work together to save you money – all backed by best in class customer service.

Greater Flexibility

We build our products to suit you. Not the other way around. We’ll tailor a package specifically for your budget, offering a range of networks, services and products.


Our contracts are simple and straightforward and our friendly customer support won’t baffle you with tech-speak and jargon (well, unless you want us to)

A New Generation Of Voice Solutions

As our working lives change, the way we communicate evolves too. Users can now collaborate anywhere, anytime, in any way they like. Yet all this flexibility doesn’t mean you won’t stay in control. We’ll provide you with the tools to manage it all centrally, so you can keep an eye on what’s going on.

Gamma Horizon Cloud PBX

More and more companies are moving away from a traditional PBX, transitioning to a hosted solution able to leverage all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer.

Horizon Cloud PBX is Gamma’s complete hosted communications service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that enables you to take exacting control of your telephony.

    • Keep your existing phone numbers and take them anywhere
    • Free HD Voice IP Telephone*
    • Extensive call stats & reporting
    • Instant changes to call routing
    • Call recording (MiFiD compliant)

    * Terms & Conditions apply

Flexible Soft Phone

Bring the power of Horizon to your Windows desktop, laptop, Android or iOS device and access a range of features to ensure your colleagues and customers are always in contact.

The Horizon Desktop Client lets you connect your office phone to your laptop or PC to ensure that you can control your user account and handle calls efficiently, wherever you are.

We thing this solutions will help you to minimise telephony costs incurred whilst on the move or in different locations.

The Android and iOS Apps enable users to make and receive calls on a mobile device. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely or who are regularly on the move.* 

  • Reduce the cost of entry to an IP hosted service by using the desktop client as a softphone and simply adding a headset
  • Reduce telephony costs when on the move or in temporary access points such as hotels, coffee shops and customer premises.

*Requires access to WiFi to reduce mobile data costs.

Enhanced Call Reporting

Do you know how many calls you are getting? Do you know how they are being handled or who is handling them?

Horizon offers a number of key measurements through its reporting section. However, there is a growing requirement for more in-depth call management reporting and wall board integration to help organisations gain a real-time understanding of calls.Through our partnership with Akixi, the leading hosted call-management service provider, you can now get a data feed for your Horizon service, which will let you export the statistics you need to help manage your business.

    • Instantly see what needs to be changed to improve customer service
    • Monitor time to answer and manage calls more efficiently
    • Analyse internal call patterns
    • See how many calls are being abandoned with the ability to return them
    • Optimise resources by ensuring the right number of operators are in place at all times

Looking for a Mobile Solution?

In this day and age, mobile telecommunications have never been more critical to the successful operation of your business. We can offer mobile phone solutions from all major network provider to ensure your people are always connected.

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